Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homemade Lemon Spray For Fine Hair

Are you tired of having fine limp hair that won't hold any volume? Yeah, a lot of people are! And of course, not many people want to buy expensive hair products that promise results of fluffy beautiful hair, especially when those products just damage hair even more. In reality you can get the same results as big brand hair products without the cost and without the damage.

This recipe only calls for lemons and water, pretty easy right?
Yes, it is! The lemon in the mixture helps give volume to your hair while the water helps moisturize the hair at the same time.  While hairsprays have alcohol in them, this hair care recipe is completely orgranic. The lemons work much like alcohol without actually drying out hair half as much.

You will need:

1 Lemon squeezed
2 Cups of water

You want to start off by cutting up the lemon in a bowl so that you don't lose any of the juice.
Slice up the lemon into 4 pieces.

Next you will want to add 4 cups of water into a boiling pan, and start boiling the water until it bubbles.
Add the four slices of lemon into the boiling pot. Let this mixture boil until half in gone. You can just wing it and eyeball it. Once the 4 cups of water looks about like two, turn the stove off and let it simmer.

Let that simmer for about 5 to 7 minutes. Just long enough to cool down enough to strain the mixture into another bowl. This way you get all the lemon slices and skin out of the way. You don't want that in your hair, do you? No!

Let the lemon water cool down. Add this lemon water mixture into an empty spray bottle (a jar will work just fine.) You don't really need it, but the mixture should be applied to hair evenly.

When you start to apply the mixture to your hair, make sure that your hair is wet.
I have tried this before with dry hair -- it is awkward. Let your wet hair soak up the lemon juice and water and dry naturally or style immediately after adding.

The only side effect of this mixture is that the lemon juice *might* lighten the hair slightly if your in the sun a lot. The shelf life of this hair recipe is about a month, and you can always cook up some batch instantly!

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