Why should you try Pai Skincare?

Pai Skincare is 100% organic and that's why you should try it out. I highly endorse this product simply because I have used it and currently own the product myself. I'm not big on brand name cosmetics, especially those with chemicals and toxins. Pai Skincare is 100% organic and chemical free. This means no fillers, no toxins, no harsh chemicals on your skin. I have very sensitive skin, and though I do use some make-ups that contain non-organic materials - I don't prefer to. I have breakouts and rashes with a lot of skin care regimens, but this one is a keeper!

  • Pai Skincare only uses pure plant extracts with proven therapeutic benefits. Their ingredients are carefully formulated to suit sensitive skin types. The purity of the high-grade organic materials make for a powerhouse of skin care.
  • Pai Skincare also makes facial creams, not balms as many others do. The creams work to hydrate the skin and moisturize into the deepest layers of the skin. The difference between regular face balms and cream is that the facial balms just from a barrier on the skin. Not only does this clog pores but it also suffocates the skin from getting the much needed oxygen that you need for glowing skin. The facial cream that Pai Skincare provides is much more effective than most brands.
  • This organic skin care from Pai is made by their own special team members. While more competitive and big brand names outsource their product and have manufacturers make the skin care products, Pai Skincare only uses their own team members.
What are the ingredients in Pai Skincare?

All of Pai Skincare Products are formulated for sensitive skin and chemically sensitive skin types. This means that any person allergic to most brand name skin care products will be able to use Pai with a guarantee that they will not break out. This product is especially great for those with Eczema, Rosacea, Urticaria and Psoriasis.

All of the ingredients found in any and all Pai Skincare Products are listed below:
Apricot kernel oil
Argan oil
Avocado oil
Bergamot essential oil
Borage oil
Camellia Oil
Cetearyl glucoside
Cocoa butter
Cranberry seed extract
Echium extract
Frankincense essential oil
Jasmine essential oil
Jojoba oil
Juniper essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Macadamia nut oil
Manuka oil
May Chang essential oil
Neroli essential oil
Orange essential oil
Plum kernel oil
Rose geranium essential oil
Rose water
Rosehip oil
Rosemary antioxidant
Shea butter
Sweet almond oil
Thistle oil
Vitamin E

This is a list from the website and it's truly impressive that a skincare product can be so transparent and use only these natural ingredients and deliver the same, if not better results than most big brand name skincare products.

Chemicals NOT found in Pai Skincare Products that are in most common skincare products

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No Alcohol - Alcohol is bad for skin, whether you drink it or apply it to your skin. Period. However, you would be amazed to find that most skincare products include alcohol. Not only does this dry out skin really fast but it also flares up certain kinds of Rosacea. Alcohol also prevents the absorption of Vitamin A - the lack of which promotes premature aging.

No Artificial fragrances -  Fragrances might smell lovely but it also contains phthalates and other irritating chemicals. This is why people most commonly break out while using skincare products.

No Beeswax (in the creams) -
Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely natural ingredient, but not for skin creams. It can commonly clog pores and present break outs.  Pai does use Beeswax in its organic lip balm, and that's all that is really should be used for.

No Formaldehyde (including Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate) - This is a no-no for all skincare products. It's a known skin irritant and also there are MAJOR health concerns surrounding the usage of this chemical.

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - This is a foam used in most skin care cleansers. It's a foaming agent that is harsh on the skin and triggers allergic reactions in many people.

No Parabens (including Japanese Honeysuckle) - Research has been done and more and more people are becoming allergic to this ingredient. Recent studies has suggested it may have a weak estrogenic effect and also may cause some DNA damage and premature aging when exposed to sunlight.

No Phenoxyethanol - This ingredient has been found is most common skincare products and  recently has been banned for use in certified organic skin care products by Ecocert and COSMOS, the new EU organic certification standard. Check it out.

No Petrochemicals - This ingredient has been known to trigger eczema. Petrochemicals is derived from petroleum and can clog the pores.

No Phthalates - This ingredient that is also used commonly is most skincare products is labeled as "parfum" rather than listed as what it actually is. Studies have shown that there are serious health issues surrounding this chemical as well as reproductive health concerns.

Try Pai Skincare Products today and you will be totally amazed! Not only do I endorse this product as a natural organic skincare product you can trust but even celebrities such as Natalie Portman and other Vegan-prone celebrities.

When you try the FREE sampling kit from Pai you will receive:

·  5ml Trial Size Moisturizer (choose from a selection of four);
·  5ml Trial Size Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.
·  10% discount voucher to use on your first full-size order emailed to you after purchase.

·  Each 5ml sample will last 2-4 days.

There is absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain from this skincare product. I felt the need to take the time to endorse this product because simply my skin has never been better. And also, I have a big problem with other promises of 'organic' or 'natural green' skin care products that are crap. Try it out and let me know how it goes :) Best Wishes and Love! Cheers!