Why Use Homemade Beauty Recipes?

Why should you use homemade beauty recipes and homemade spa recipes?

Good question, it's really simple. A.) It's cheaper than store brand beauty products and B.) homemade beauty and spa recipes are much more healthy for your skin and your health. I cannot count the times I've purchased beauty products promising results to 'make skin glow' or 'get rid of acne'  -- all these brand name products did was drain my bank account and break my oh-so sensitive skin out in a rash. Or, even worse -- a few times it appeared that I almost received a chemical burn from some products I've tried out. It's friggin' annoying!

So, with that being said -- I decided to go the homemade and organic route when it comes to my skin care and pampering sessions. It's so fun to take a rainy day and turn your into home into a spa with simple ingredients and things you have lying around the house. My boyfriend thinks I'm insane when I put egg whites or Oatmeal on my face, but it's fun! I will admit, I do still use some brand-name store bought beauty products. I'm a sucker for a super sale on cosmetics and hair supplies for essentials that I simply cannot make.

However, will I go get a Mani-Pedi for 50 bucks per pop? No. I've never even actually had my nails professionally done. Go figure. I've always given myself my manicures and pedicures. I've also never paid for a facial, waxing or any other professional beauty service. Really, I'm a germophobe to begin with. It's a bit disgusting to think of all the germs that came before me. Eww. Now, that I'm an adult, out of high school and have to worry about bills and rent and food money -- yeah, I can so forget about ever spending money on super-fabulous manicures and facials and spa treatments. Like so many young women, I must learn do it on my own.