Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Apply Perfect Eye Makeup - Eye Makeup for Any Eye Shape

Applying eye makeup is a tricky thing for many women. Makeup was essentially made to help women strengthen the already natural beauty of their face and to make features more prominent. With that being said, there certain ways that woman can apply eye makeup to get the desired effect that is perfect for her eye shape in a few simple steps.

For close-set eyes:
If a woman's eyes are close-set together, then the desired to goal is to make her eyes seem a bit wider. It's not impossible to make this happen but really quite easy. Apply eyeliner to the upper part of the lash line, a third of the way in. Stop there, and smudge gently. After that, take a lighter eyeliner (such as light blue, green, or even white) and line the inside corner of the upper and lower lids. This creates a lighting effect that creates the appearance of space widened in between the eyes.

For small eyes:

For a woman with smaller eyes, she may want to make her eyes appear bigger and more awake. In this case, she will need to draw a dark line that gradually thickens towards the outer upper eye lid. After that, use a lighter shade of eyeliner (such as white, gold or silver) on the lower lash line.This creates the appearance that eyes are bigger and more awake.

For deep-set eyes:
For a woman with deep-set eyes, she may want to make her eyes seem fuller and rounder. Start with lining the upper lash line with a shimmery light eyeliner (such as silver, white, or gold) and smudge gently. After that, line the lower lash line with a neutral or light gray eyeliner. This creates the illusion of a less heavy eye lid.

For drooping eyes:

Women with drooping eyes make want to make their eyes appear lighter, bigger, and rounder without creating too much attention. In this case, simply line the upper lash line very close to the lashes a third of the way in. After that, sweep the liner in a fluid movement out toward the outer edge of the upper lash.

These tricks may take practice, but after a few applications it's amazing how much a woman can transform her eyes and play up the best features of her face.

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