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How To Re-Use and Save the Life Of Your Makeup and Cosmetics

Cosmetics and makeup can be pricey and essential to every woman. Preserving your makeup and cosmetics can save you lots of money as well as piece of mind. So, every woman has a stash of makeup that they never use, but still keep just in case. Here are some ways to stretch your make up and use it to it's full potential in world of higher prices.

It can last up to two years before you need to throw it out. When you get down to the bottom of the tube, instead of throwing it out -- scrape the bottom of the tube and store it in a container for later. It's still perfectly fine to use. Best way to scrape, you ask? The end of a Q-tip. Remove the cotton from the tip, and start scraping away.

Lip Gloss
Same rules apply to lip gloss. It can last up to 2 years. It's a lot harder to scrape out of a tube than lipstick is. You can make your very OWN lip gloss by simply using a little Vaseline and take some of your left over lipstick that you saved and mix it together. Heat it up in the microwave for about 40 seconds. Wait for it to cool, and instantly you made your own shade of lip gloss.

Pressed Face Powder
Usually the shelf life of pressed powder is about a year. Once you get down to the nitty gritty and there isn't much left. Normally, it will start to crack and fall apart. Instead of throwing it out and buying a new one -- dump the left overs into a container and use it as loose powder.


It really depends on the formulation, however most last around 8 months before getting icky. There isn't much you can do to save it, however you can use the foundation that has dried slightly on the edges.
If your using a tube foundation or stick, you can scrape using a Q-tip as I suggested with lipstick.

Blush usually can be used up to a year. It depends on what type you use. Powder, or cream. You can use either method as I suggested for lipstick if it's a cream or for pressed powder if it's a powder form of blush. You can make your own shade by blending left overs together.

It can only last up to 6 months and then it needs to be tossed. There isn't much you can do the stretch mascara. However, most companies will tell you to toss it every 3 months, when in reality it can last up to 6 months perfectly fine. Some tips to help keep it longer are:

  • Don't pump your brush into the tube. The air that gets trapped can cause it to dry out sooner.
  • If it does get clumpy and dried out -- Try running a few drops of HOT water into the tube. A little goes a LONG way.

I hope with these few tips, it will help some save money, and use the products they already have. In today's world, prices of make up can get exhausting to keep up with. Hope you enjoyed!


  • Look through all of your make up. If you see something you haven't used in awhile -- try mixing and blending into small container to get a shade you want.
  • Remember that you can't ALWAYS save everything, but you can try. :)
  • f you notice a funky smell, or discoloration -- PLEASE toss it out.
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